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Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5.2

IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 extends its green capabilities with features that can help your company reduce energy consumption and resource usage. New features key to this release can help your business:

Optimize resources

    • Minimize user burden with optional shared sign-on with Microsoft Windows as supported in Lotus Notes 8.5. Users will be able to start Lotus Notes and use their Lotus Notes ID without having to provide a Lotus Notes password. Instead, users will only need to log into Microsoft Windows using their Microsoft Windows password. The Lotus Notes ID will still manage Lotus Notes security.
    • Easily manage user's Lotus Notes ID files via the new Lotus Domino ID Vault. Users can automatically recover damaged/lost/forgotten ID files, and administrators will be able to reset individual's passwords. The ID Vault is be a security-rich mechanism that utilizes a Lotus Domino database to store protected copies of Lotus Notes ID files.
Minimize overhead
    • Provide broader support for roaming users through a new roaming policy page that supports the file server roaming and Lotus Domino server roaming user functionality introduced in Lotus Notes 8.5 software (Lotus Notes Standard Client configuration only).
    • Quickly detect server misconfigurations, performance, and security issues with he Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT), which allows administrators to analyze servers and help find potential problems before they are encountered.
    • Download Domino Configuration Tuner
    • Simplify group membership by specifying predefined criteria to automatically determine and update group membership. Administrators can use the auto-populated groups feature to apply policies to users and groups based on their home servers.
    • Assign policy settings to individual users and groups simply by specifying the appropriate user or group name in a policy document. For example, if a user changes jobs or organizations, administrators will not need to determine which policies need updating; the updated group information is applied the next time the effective policy is calculated for any users in that group
    • Increase scalability and memory availability through new 64 bit platform support: Microsoft Windows 2008 64-bit, Linux on IBM System z, and IBM AIX 64-bit platforms

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