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IBM Traveler Server Release
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This document contains information about the IBM Traveler server release.


IBM Traveler is a maintenance release that provides device and database concurrency and includes APAR fixes for the IBM Traveler server. The information below outlines the changes included. Be sure to review the IBM Traveler Product Documentation for additional information.
See this wiki article for information on subscribing to IBM Traveler product notifications.

What's New?

IBM Traveler provides the following device and database support.

    • Support for Windows 10 Pro running on tablet devices.
    • Support for Apple iOS 9.x running on all Apple devices.
    • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition.

For new content delivered in prior releases, review the What's New sections of the product documentation.

Fix List

See IBM Traveler Fixes by Release.

Build Levels
Release DateComponentVersionBuild Level
August 26, 2015Server9.0.1.7201508211840_20

Note: IBM Traveler includes all APAR fixes delivered in all previous releases up to and including IBM Traveler in addition to the APARs listed here.

APAR # Component Abstract
LO85507 Server Meeting notice may remain in Notes Client inbox when deleted on BB10 mobile device.
LO85581 Server Folder update may unsubscribe folder from syncing to IBM Verse mail application on mobile device.
LO85582 Server Only set database transaction isolation level if not already set as default.
LO85705 Server Mime format document missing required header data will not sync to mobile device.
LO85730 Server Intermittent stack overflow exception error causes Traveler server crash.
LO85728 Server Update APNS certificates for IBM To Do application, current certificates expire in September 2015.
LO85746 Server Signal 11 Traveler server crash in OSTranslate Domino API call.
LO85767 Server User stops syncing for a while and see this error message on server for this user "Object has been removed or recycled".
LO85798 Server Multiple accept notices sent for unusual meeting when accepted on mobile device.
LO85823 Server Mime format attachment with unknown content type will not sync to mobile device correctly.
LO85857 Server Error accessing user's device profile document may prevent load of existing settings for user.
LO85880 Server E-mail marked unread on Android Verse client not marked unread on server.
LO85885 Server Embedded pdf attachment in plain text e-mail may not download to mobile device.
LO85924 Server Verse mobile client may use wrong contact photo when local and corporate address book have a contact with the same name who are different people.
LO85929 Server Embedded image may not download to IBM Verse client on Android devices.
LO85951 Server Warning message displayed when using DB2 9.7 FP10 with Traveler HA environment.
LO85999 Server Mail deleted in Verse mobile app may not be reflected on server.
LO86016 Server Meeting cancelled from Verse mobile may still reflect on server calendar.
LO86052 Server Department field in contact may not sync to Verse mobile client.
LO86061 Server Some messages send by Verse mobile can not be recalled by Notes client.
LO86140 Server Verse client with unlimited mail filter may switch to 30 day filter if another device has 30 day filter.
LO86164 Server Some Calendar events may disappear from native calendar on iOS 9 device.
LO86165 Server Unable to add invitee to single instance of repeating event from native calendar on iOS 9 device.

SSL gratuit sur Domino
21/04/2023Le saviez-vous ? Depuis Domino R9, il est possible d'installer le HTTS/SSL gratuitement sur Domino - et en plus il se renouvelle tout seul.
Spamsentinel v11
29/12/2020Sortie de la version 11 de Spamsentinel qui introduit la vérification des mails provenant de votre propre domaine au travers de l'enregistrement SPF
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17/04/2020HCL Notes®/Domino® 11.0.1
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