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8.5.2 FP2 Preliminary Fix List

These fixes apply to the Basic Client only:

* SPR# CJSN89YMPQ (LO55486) - Prevented an intermittent Notes Basic client crash with Sametime presence awareness.
* +SPR# JBAR7Y4UPP (LO46606) - Fixed an issue where delegated calendar users on the Basic client get an "A menu item was not found " or "Invalid Menu Handle" when right-clicking on delegated calendar's appointment entries. This regression was introduced in 8.5. (Technote #1412497)
* +SPR# TONN8ADMZP (LO55682) - Fixed a problem where type-ahead would fail with a mobile directory sorted by Last Name in Basic client. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (Technote #1452437)
* +SPR# TSAO8D2BE2 (LO57617) - Fixes an issue in the Basic Client within document using Form which contains a Checkbox or Radio Box field, where non selected entries become gray. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2 FP1.
* +SPR# XXQU8D99WP (LO57814) - Fixes a problem that caused Basic Notes Client to hang when opening Sent view. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP4.

These fixes apply to both the Basic and Standard Notes Client:

* +SPR# ADEE899AFF (LO54794) - Fixed issue where DXL import was failing if option selected to Convert Notes Bitmaps to GIFs. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
* +SPR# ADEE8BZAR2 (LO56982) - Fixes a client hang when Body field is viewed using Document Properties box. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# AFAA8EEQRP - Fix resolves install issues reported when running a hotfix on top of a Fix Pack build. This issue was introduced in 8.5.1FP5 but would only be experiences installing a 2nd hotfix on top of a fix pack.
* SPR# ASIN8AEMLH (LO55902) - Fixes nlnotes crash in NEMCheckPreviousInstance when multi-clicking notes shortcut causes multiple notes.exe and hence multiple nlnotes.exe to be invoked.
* +SPR# BWLU8CN98F - Fix resolves a regression on Mac where 2 items used for Collecting Lotus Notes diagnostic in the folder of 'Lotus Application Support' are removed by installer. This fix addresses the utilities from getting removed but does not put them back if they have already been removed. To get them back, re-install 8.5.2 or copy the utilities from another machine. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# CAML8393XU (LO49510) - In certain Windows environments (i.e. Trend Micro Office Scan installed), nslsvice and ntmulti Notes Client services crash on shutdown. With this change, the services will no longer crash
* SPR# DBRK7NWK7J (LO37328) - Fixed a Notes client hangs when opening up a specific message that would send Notes into an infinite loop.
* SPR# DCHR89GT3Q (LO54928) - Added a policy option to enable administrators to enable or restrict the ability for Notes client users to choose "Save as eml" under "File..Save" options from within an email.
* SPR# DPAT89GRKM (LO56829) - When converting from a standard local replica to MMR, if replication of the existing local mail DB was disabled then scheduled replication of the MMR will not occur. The user also cannot edit settings once it's a MMR, so manual enablement is not possible. This fix enabled replication for the DB during conversion.
* SPR# DPAT8BXMY5 - Fix resolves an issue where local replica is not fully replicated when created via policy.
* SPR# GHAT8ATNCH - For 8.5.2 FP2, on conversion from local replica to Managed Mail Replica, we will now configure the existing entry with all default Managed Mail Replica settings (scheduled replication enabled, high priority enabled, send/receive full documents from the server). The Managed Mail Replica settings will be locked on the replication page, but will be editable in the "Replication Settings" dialog. We will also prevent the disabling or deletion of the Managed Mail entry from the replication page. (Technote #1454233)
* +SPR# JBEN86WJ8D (LO52994) - When a user sends an encrypted message with an attachment from iNotes, the message displays two attachment icons when viewed though the Notes Client. This issue has been resolved. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
* +SPR# JCHN8AH5N8 (LO57398) - The Notes Editor would intermittently crash when restoring a document from the trash. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2 FP1.
* +SPR# JSTN86EVRV (LO52541) - An issue has been fixed where editing a MIME message with encoded attachments results in duplicated attachments. This regression was introduced in 8.5. (Technote #1437671)
* +SPR# MBLT8CCJ3H (LO57252) - Fixed an issue where the file npnotes.dll was locked by OS when Notes Single Login was running, preventing fixpacks from being installed. Implemented fix where this file is flagged for update if locked after the system reboots. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2 FP1. (Technote #1460346)
* SPR# MCOT87YLGE (LO55234) - Fix resolves an issue where Roaming dbs are not copied to the File Server after replication.
* +SPR# PMLN8APDWQ (LO55921) - In 8.5.2, if the user has a local mail replica and receives async notification of new mail, it is replicated down to the local machine, regardless of the setting of the ReplicatOnNewMail setting. If polling for new mail, the code will not poll the remote mail file, even if the ReplicateOnNewMail=1 is set in the Notes.INI. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# RGAU8B2M3T (LO23453) - Fixes a rare problem in which users upgrading from Notes 7 who had a mobile directory catalog bookmark pushed down via policy might see a new bookmark created everytime the client was launched. After the fix, the first launch might create an additional bookmark which is easily removed and there will be no subsequent bookmarks created. (Technote #1468634)
* SPR# RKUR85K8FS (LO52641) - Fix resolves a issue which prevented the Interactive Services Dialog from being displayed on Windows 7 when NSD runs, and on Windows Server 2008 when the Domino server is being run as a program. (Technote #1449528)
* +SPR# RWHG8BZ3Z2 - Fix resolves an issue within the client where the Client Replicator continues to replicate with the old mail file after a mail is moved via AdminP. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# SHET8EDRQF - Fix resolves a Mac hotfix installer bug where it would be difficult to install a Mac hotfix on Fix Pack builds.
* SPR# SHEZ8B2H7W (LO56170) - Fixes an error "this database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure" when opening an Attachment within Managed mail replica.
* SPR# TMDS7KLQCA (LO34411) - Fixes an intermittent client crash that occured using Google Desktop.
* SPR# WMIS83CQWR - Fix resolves an issue in the area of Roaming User, where a roaming user gets a client reset and reupgrade error with replicating with a server which is not a primary/ secondary roaming server. Correct behavior is client should not reset itself if the server is not a roaming server.
* SPR# YBJG8AGCBN - Fix resolves a roaming user issue where, Notes does not reset if all roaming files are missing from File Server when Notes is running.
* SPR# YDEN7W7CB6 (LO44645) - Fixed an intermittent Notes Client crash that would occur in a LotusScript dialog box, usually in the mail template. The fix is a defensive fix to prevent the crash in the Notes client code.

These fixes apply only to the Standard Notes Client:

* SPR# ACGB886NRR (LO56671) - Fixed an issue where ' Error - HomePageFirstLaunch' is reported when when starting the client with a custom homepage.
* +SPR# ASCR89KJ4K (LO55224) - Fixed a problem where the recent contact preference "Only names from emails I send" failed to work properly. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (Technote #1455498)
* SPR# ASWN8B5SPN - Fix resolves an issues within Notes Contacts, where recently added contacts could intermittently go into a loop, hanging the Notes client.
* SPR# ASWN8DRQED - Fix resolves an issue within Notes Contacts, where contacts are not deleted when case sensitive compare is done. For example: full_name@LOTUS will lead to the failure of recent contacts deletion if compared against
* SPR# ATAI7WSABL (LO57150) - When a Delivery Failure report is processed, the failed address will be automatically deleted from Recent Contacts and put into Contacts Trash. (Technote #1395526)
* SPR# BBAN8A9KB3 (LO56219) - Fix allows Quickr feeds to be able to be included in the Notes feed reader side bar app.
* SPR# BHUY8BGJQM (LO56546) - Fixes an error that occurred when using Client Single Logon and the "Prompt for location at startup" preference if the location was switched when prompted at startup. (Technote #1455425)
* SPR# DWHD8ADKYP - The user agent value for Connections Business Card related HTTP requests have been changed to a string that identifies the client down to the version.
* SPR# DWHD8CVSZG - Address several Activities related performance issues, such as: - load private activity templates by default rather than all public templates - don't refresh the sidebar every 5 mins by default (can be configured) - adjust the max number of entries requested In addition allow to disable Connections initially via plugin_cust.ini or via preferences. This willl stop all Connections network calls.
* SPR# DWHD8CVT4L - When using the OVEWRITE flag in order to change the Connections server settings via plugin_customization.ini, users that haven't entered Connections credentials previously might get an error dialog "deleteChildAccounts has encountered a problem".
* SPR# DWHD8D8S3Q - 8.5.2 already has logic to prevent multiple login dialogs for most use cases, especially when the user hits cancel. This fix addresses one additional use case where the user tries to login to the Activities sidebar and then uses the Connections Business Card with Profiles configured. Both places triggereed the login dialog separately if the credentials are wrong. Now this info is shared and no additional login dialogs will occur.
* SPR# ENOR7T9SZU (LO41701) - Fixed a problem in the Notes Client where the a server reboot would incorrectly reset a desktop policy preference setting if the user had changed it. The desktop policy setting was "when clicking a hyperlink in the Standard client, use the browser" set to "set as the default for this operation system" and the How to Apply option set to "set initial value".
* +SPR# GHAT89XS3S (LO55342) - Fixed a problem that when switching from Mail to Calendar one week or 2 day summary view, an exception or blank screen was displayed. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (Technote #1450617)
* +SPR# HDAN8C4M6E (LO57717) - Fixed an issue in Notes Standard Client Java views (inbox etc), that prevented awareness showing for sametime user names due to the name not being sent to Sametime server in canonical format. This would only occur with a Sametime server configured with a Domino LDAP directory. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP3 and 8.5.2. (Technote #1283056)
* SPR# JDMS883JHN (LO57791) - Fixed an intermittent crash which occurred when the user was scrolling inside a mail message. Crashes were due to concurrent threads modifying the same data.
* SPR# JEIN8C8TS8 (LO58051) - Delivering a capability for Java UI Extensions to provide result set within the inbox. Used by Synaptris FewClix.
* SPR# KLYH87LL23 (LO58261) - Fix security vulnerability in iCal code
* SPR# MCKD89CFJR (LO56334) - Fixed a XPD runtime issue "Error working with web service: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file." caused by the bundle which overrides the platform's implementation. This resolves an issue for OpenText.
* +SPR# MOBN8CVJT3 - Fix resolves a Sametime issue where adding a 3rd person to a currently active chat window fails. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2 FP1.
* SPR# RCFE85KUDT (LO52657) - Fixed the issue where only one local contact is displayed in typeahead if there are many contacts with the same full name
* SPR# RKRY8A2NNX (LO55714) - Fixed an issue where deleting a Recent Contact would sometimes result in the recent contact reappearing unexpectedly. Now, Recent Contacts, once deleted, will not return.
* SPR# RKRY8BNKYL (LO56838) - Fix adds a one time validation on the email field of Recent Contacts. No server lookup is being done.
* SPR# RRAL8D2KG8 - Fixed a problem where name lookup failed with "formula error" against a Directory Catalog (DirCat).
* SPR# SCHA6TUM7R (LO27774) - Fix resolves an issue within Java properties, where customizing a workspace toolbar and trying to open it causes the workspace window tab not to open within the client. (Technote #1268731)
* +SPR# SHEZ883ED4 (LO53785) - Fixed an issue where upgrading a corrupted bookmark.nsf resulted in duplicate toolbar icons and inactive options in toolbar preferences. Added code to fix these errors before upgrading the nsf. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
* SPR# TMDS7NFR4Q (LO36895) - Fixed a problem in the gutter mode, if you select an unread document, open another unread document and take an action (like print), the incorrect document is acted upon. (Technote #1448453)
* SPR# TMDS89QVWY (LO55135) - Fixes an issue where Notes2.exe does not launch after upgrading from 8.5.1 FP1 to 8.5.2 due to incorrect value in
* SPR# TMDS8DC2FF (LO57901) - Fixed issue where upgrade from Notes 8.0.x to 8.5.2 as System account on Windows could fail if a hotfix/fixpack was installed against 8.0.x due to the hotfix/fixpack not correctly being removed before upgrade. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# VASR876SSW (LO53186) - Syntax validation was added to Recent Contacts. The following are considered invalid: (1) Any address ending in period, backslash, forwardslash, @, left angle bracket or single quote. (2) Any smtp address where address is surrounded by single quotes. (3) No spaces are allowed in 821 smtp address (the real address part). (4) No sntp address can have a period after a top level ICCAN domain. Top level ICANN domains are .com, org, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net. (5) On Notes addressing, we are not allowing a period in the organizational part. ie no tom/
* SPR# VSHA8B2SW5 - Fix resolves a Notes Client UI hang issue, caused when using integrated Sametime.


* +SPR# AGUD8D7V55 (LO57979) - Fixes an issue with DXLImport of large attachments which previously failed with message "Base64 byte stream contains invalid data or is too large to store in a single note item." This regression was introduced in 6.5.6.
* +SPR# AKUR8BR745 (LO56778) - Fix a semaphore hang when calling NSFNoteUpdate in an extension manager. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP4.
* SPR# BRIS5WWLBN (LO05195) - Prevent "PANIC: InitializeNSF: Attempting to initialize NSF but logger already running" which can occur under certain circumstances such as server re-start after a crash.
* SPR# BWIR8CPNFB (LO57575) - Fixed a crash within Domino which occurred when Traveler calls HTMLConvertItem on a email document on Windows 64-bit platform.
* SPR# CTOI7TGHMY (LO45280) - Fixes server slow down which is experienced when using Database Directory Links on UNIX.
* SPR# DANO7WBSC5 (LO48260) - Fixed access violation caused when running AgentLSTextFormat method.
* SPR# DMNI85S48N (LO51988) - Fixes a Domino server crash on iConvertOneCDLINK when message in is being sent to a local user who prefers MIME messages.
* +SPR# DWHN8BCJ5U (LO56504) - Java Agents run from the web can now use script libraries without getting invalid or nonexistent document errors. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* +SPR# DWHR65KLXQ (LO04631) - Fixed an issue where Using Directory Assistance, DWA routes mail incorrectly for different users with the same name. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (Technote #1190286)
* +SPR# HES89PG54 (LO55409) - Fixed a problem in LotusScript where calling ComputeWithForm on an unopened document did not work. Most commonly experienced when working with collections. If you had a handle to the document, this would not occur. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# HNAA85ZCYY (LO52168) - Fixed an issue where Attachments get ineditable after replication due to orphaned $FILE item with "Merge/No Conflicts" settings.
* SPR# JACE892DDR (LO54575) - Fixed POP3 server crash within MIMEObjectStreamOpen, which occurred when processing specific message with attachments.
* SPR# JPAI7GRSXA (LO46995) - Fix resolves a server crash caused due to invalid formula being passed to FormulaAnalyzeGutsExt. (Technote #1461449)
* +SPR# JPAI896PRQ - Fix resolves performance issue, where nserver.exe consumes large % of CPU memory. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# JPAI8E4NTW - Fix resolves a domino server crash or potential hang interacting with Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.03.
* SPR# JPMS875QQV (LO53149) - Fix resolves a Domino Server defect that crashes server with conversation thread abstract generation.
* SPR# JZJZ7XA7FS (LO47208) - Notes Single Logon will not function on Windows 64 bit client OS due to an incompatability with the 32 bit Lotus Notes Client. With this fix, Notes Single Logon will function on 64 bit Windows client OS. (Technote #1418129)
* SPR# KLYH87LM4S (LO59480) - Security fix to resolve denial of service attack on diiop task.
* SPR# KSIH88EKBG (LO54110) - Fixes an issue compacting Forms85.nsf that resulted in Error iNotes/85010/Forms85.Nsf: Cannot Write Or Create File (File Or Disk Is Read-only). UNIX specific issues fixed in 8.5.2 FP2.
* +SPR# KYOE7HM8PW (LO32597) - Fix resolves an error reported when @TextToNumber method is called with DBCS numeric characters. For example, @TextToNumber("123") is OK, but @TextToNumber("123") is not ok. This regression was introduced in 7.0.3.
* SPR# MKIN8BZSWQ (LO57002) - Fixed an issues within SPNEGO, where previously a user who had entered a valid SPNEGO login was prompted to login again.
* +SPR# MLUR8AKQM2 (LO56572) - When using ADC and a crash occurs, the fault report documents sometimes contain 2 duplicate NSD files. This fix prevents the duplicate NSD file from being attached. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# MSAN7KQR5N (LO57235) - Fixes an intermittent issue where NSD failed to start on a Domino UNIX platform. Fix ensures NSD is kicked off automaically on a server crash or hang.
* SPR# NBRR895R93 (LO54862) - When NSD builds a list of active users, it was first building a list of all users on the system, regardless as to whether they have processes running on the system. The fix only builds a list of users with running processes on the system.
* SPR# OFFI85VM5S (LO49868) - Fix resolves an access violation error reported with calling ConvertNotesBitmap method via the DXL Exporter.
* SPR# OFFI87MLYP (LO53564) - Fixed a Domino server crash within ID Vault that would occur processing certain ID files.
* SPR# PCHE7S9VAB (LO40738) - Fixed a Domino Crash issue within the C API call DesignRefresh called from LotusScript causes panic on 64-bit Domino server.
* SPR# RSHA89DCDY (LO54852) - Fix prevents a crash which can occur writing out an UNK table under certain circumstances during a copy-style compact with the -R option (to revert the ODS).
* +SPR# RSOI8A2B3V (LO55457) - Fixed a Domino nserver crash which did not allow server to startup although "Automatically Restart Server After Fault/Crash: was enabled in server document". This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# SHHW7CGCM3 (LO33985) - Failure to replace design due to internal size limitation of the design collections of the source and target databases.
* SPR# SRIO7UTHXL (LO50089) - Fixes a database transaction issue which prevents server re-start with large number of archived transactions still open. (Technote #1460699)
* SPR# STAA86F5JN (LO52533) - Fixed a server crash while running ' fixup ' on a database during "Cmovmem" Call. (Technote #1447875)
* SPR# TDOO85FSS7 (LO51797) - Resolved NIF Pool leak when bad error paths were hit during AddDataToINSort and NIFUpdateNoteExtendedFlags.
* SPR# TPON886FY3 (LO53867) - Fixes an install issue reported in within 8.5.1 Fix Pack 4 where user is Unable To Start Nlnotes.Exe After Installing Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 4. Normally Notes.exe is used to start notes but some customers launch with nlnotes.exe on a Domino server installation. Although not recommended, this fix addresses the problem.
* +SPR# TSAO83GHGU (LO49748) - Fixed an issue when renaming a user's alternate name ("Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profiles in Mail File"), the alternate owner field in the user's mail database should now be appropriately updated. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
* +SPR# TSAO86AJUU (LO52460) - Fixes an issues where the user was not given the Warning message when "Your mail file has exceeded the warning size threshold" during open database. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
* SPR# WSCN7YQTD6 (LO47220) - Fixes IBM iSeries specific crash on the Domino server from StringHighUse4k.
* SPR# YYLN7ZNDW8 (LO47833) - Fixed a Server crash issue within DAOS which produced "Error Message = PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (F024758E)". This fix resolved issues related to crashes and deadlocks.
* SPR# AHOE88WQU4 (LO54523) - During the save of the .nlo files, users can not access any attachements stored in .nlo files. The fix will add the attribute QPOL_ALWCKPWRT to the .nlo file and add "SAVACT(*YES) SAVACTOPT(*ALWCKPWRT)" to the SAVBRM command. (Technote #1450004)
* SPR# DSAN87TMLT (LO53675) - Fixed intermittent Domino Server Crash in Http during authentication when doing a remote call via Directory Assistance to an LDAP server.
* +SPR# RGAU8A5L7N (LO55430) - Fixes a DXLImporter issue when sending a LotusScript action button using DXL. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.

iNotes Web Access

* +SPR# ASUH89PFTM (LO56372) - Fixed a problem where a document becomed uneditable once you hit the edit button. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# CCNI8CC3M6 (LO57835) - Added iNotes UI language support for Kazakh and Estonian.
* SPR# CJMS8D2SZ4 (LO57647) - iNotes fails to send message with attachment via IE with ActiveX file attachment utility if URL is very long.
* SPR# HKAI6FZCD7 (LO10035) - Fix problem where an iNotes mail message is sent multiple times if clicking the Send button quickly and repeatedly
* SPR# KSAA7MFEF4 (LO36191) - Fixed problem with the iNotes plain text editor where clicking the ESC key would delete existing content.
* SPR# KSSH8AT79S (IZ87946) - URL security improvements with iNotes
* SPR# LJAS86PT9R (LO50844) - Fixed a problem in iNotes where attempting to create a new memo (or reply to an existing one) from IE with a HTML signature with a <HR> tag within a <P> tag would result in the browser displaying the error, "A problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation to fail" and fails to display the body field.
* +SPR# MJON89ZLF4 (LO57001) - Fixed a problem where the Forwarding Address value is not properly populated in a new iNotes mail message when using address name validation. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# PTHN85KMT2 (LO54342) - iNotes secure mail operation - "causing authentication to fail: Entry not found in index"
* +SPR# SQZO8AZ8XL - Fix resolves an issue with iNotes, when trying to edit an encrypted mail draft mail or reply/forward an encrypted mail, the mail body is lost. This only occurs if SSL is required for secure mail features and user logs in to iNotes using normal HTTP. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2..
* SPR# SRDE8A88SC (LO55497) - No longer allow users the ability to send email to members of a restricted group
* +SPR# PMLN8ANGC6 (LO55882) - Fixed problem where message disclaimers where not being sent with iNotes mail messages, when enabled via the Router SMTP configuration documents. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (Technote #1455285)


* +SPR# CSAO8D45MM - Fix resolves an XPage issue where XPage Pager control is showed in English and not in Japanese, in a Japanese environment. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2 FP1.
* +SPR# MKEE89RPXF - Facets in XPage Repeat controls now have unique ids so that events can be attached to them. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
* SPR# PCHE883SA2 - Fixed truncation of client ip address when an XPage application asks for the REMOTE_ADDR cgi variable on windows 2008 running 64 bit Domino Server.
* +SPR# PHAN888JX6 - Fixes problem for XPages on the Notes Client where link in View Panel top open target document would not work if application was in a subdirectory. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1469888)

Domino Designer

* +SPR# MKEE89GE85 - Fixed a problem in Designer where the list of available libraries no longer showed up in Server Side JavaScript Edtor. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2

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29/12/2020Sortie de la version 11 de Spamsentinel qui introduit la vérification des mails provenant de votre propre domaine au travers de l'enregistrement SPF
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