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Corrections apportées par IBM aux versions Lotus Domino et Lotus Notes 8.5.1 FP4

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8.5.1 FP4 Fix List

Lotus Notes
These fixes apply to both the Basic and Standard Notes Client:
    • SPR# ADET7X8QCR - Fixed a problem with earlier versions of Notes where an Alarm would end up taking focus from what the user was doing inside Notes. This was distracting to the user as it would interrupt his/her work and force the user to dismiss the alarm dialog. Related to spr FJFJ7ZPCFZ for the Mac also fixed in 8.5.1 FP4.
    • SPR# BHUY7V4HPA - Fixed an intermittent problem where Notes would crash while it was loading a corrupted image. (Technote #1397741)
    • SPR# BRIS5PBPGW - Prior to this fix, a non reproducable crash was observed with stack pointing to access violation in 'CLineStore::Compare'.
    • SPR# GKYU7JAM2M - When using the Open button in Notes to open the Calendar, Mail, Workspace etc. the warning: "Invalid directory name or device not ready" is display. If the application is opened using the buttons in the Home page then the error is not displayed. With this fix, added double quotes around path to notes.exe in the appropriate Shell open registry entries.(Technote #1433734)
    • SPR# JMIL83KQ7D - Smart Upgrade enhancement to call nsd -kill if nnotes.dll still being accessed after 1 minute.
    • SPR# MCHZ7TGLEB - Fixed an intermittent problem where text that should be placed in the body of a memo was placed in the To field. (Technote #1396895)
    • SPR# NRBY83NPBC - This fix saves the domain of an iCalendar chair whose Notes address is resolved by the recipient's mail server, if that domain was different than the server's domain (in ChairDomain). This fix prevents problems later at the client when responding to that invitation with the wrong domain being appended.
    • SPR# OAGU84CPRU - Fixed a problem with controlled access sections.
    • SPR# PRAD82255P - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812 (Technote #1440812)
    • SPR# PRAD8225BX - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD8225G4 - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD8225K3 - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD837LDA - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD83F4CU - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD83M2UM - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD83M367 - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# PRAD83ML59 - Keyview security patch. See tn# 1440812.
    • SPR# RGAU7VZAQG - Fixed a Notes crash on the SECGetRandomBytes function. With this fix, calls will not be processed into the database if Notes has not been initialized or has been terminated.
    • SPR# SKAI7PJJL8 - Prior to this fix, Notes 8.x will convert outbound messages to MIME although the user set 'Notes Rich Text Format' in the location doc.
    • SPR# VPME7XGJBP - Fixed a crash when MyWork was setup as the home page. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP2.
    • SPR# YFWI7UEC63 - Prior to this fix, an upgrade failed warning message was displayed to users when a Seamless mail upgrade failed.

These fixes only apply to the Basic Notes Client:
    • SPR# ADEE84QBUQ - The Phrase name of an internet address of type "Phrase Name" <internet address> was parsed to extract first/last name information. Fixed an intermittent hang if the phrase name contained multibyte characters (Technote #1442178)
    • SPR# KSAA7JZDM4 - Improved performance of opening views that contain multiline columns with long text strings. For a very long text that will be displayed in the view column, we alter it's display calculate method to enhance the performance.
    • SPR# TMDS84VUHT - Prior to this fix, the Notes client terminated abnormally. We had a collection of non reproducible client crashes with no particular steps to reproduce or reports of what the user was doing at the point of crash. Data from the crash logs suggest the Notes client was re-logining into sametime which required the client to update the toolbar UI. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1438611)

These fixes only apply to the Standard Notes Client:
    • SPR# ADC7LD9E4 - General stability improvement for Mac.
    • SPR# BHUY7ZTHKJ - The Notes client would potentially hang when restarting with a restored mail application open. This was caused by the CAI framework attempting to load the topology for composite applications in the background along with the restored perspective accessing the topology handler at the same time. The background thread was attempting to access the UI thread which was currently waiting for that background thread. This fix moved the Topology loading into a thread and also created a scheduling rule such that only one of these jobs could execute at once. This should resolve the potential hangs under this user scenario. (Technote #1418345)
    • SPR# BLEE848QSF - Prior to this fix, Sametime awareness was not displaying in the Mail and Calendar environment.
    • SPR# CSAO82TBJH - Prior to this fix, calling @Command([ToolsRunMacro]) or @Command([RunAgent]) would result in the error "Entry Not Found In Index." This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
    • SPR# CSWN7WFHFR - Fixed a problem where the last chat statistics were not remembered.
    • SPR# CTAN82H5YT - Changed Chat History to use Standard img src="./". The img src=".\" is non standard and will prevent images from loading on all platforms.
    • SPR# DPOL7XRGK8 - Fixed a problem when using [ToolsRunMacro] @command from a navigator in order to launch an agent. The @command failed with the error "Entry not found in index." This fix adds a check when the view cannot be found. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1421377)
    • SPR# FJFJ7ZPCFZ - Focus changes from the chat dialog when the alarm goes off. After this fix, the alarm will no longer take focus on the Mac. Related to spr ADET7X8QCR also fixed in 8.5.1 FP4.
    • SPR# GHAT7V9RLU - Fixed a problem where some attachments on received MIME messages may be lost if the message is edited and saved. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
    • SPR# IISA7ZV6L8 - Prior to this fix, another calendar could not be opened when Server_Availability_Threshold=100 was set. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
    • SPR# JFRA84GFG2 - Fixed a crash due to bad data. A piece of code that assumed a nested table had a parent table and was unable to find the parent table and crashed.
    • SPR# JJHE84CCGS - Fixed a problem when the wildcard search for a user returned multiple matches, the first match that was returned was always used.
    • SPR# JPAI83TJ5Z - Fixed an issue where _sminstal.exe can kill itself because it's execution of nsd -kill will take itself out. NSD will skip _sminstal.exe when an nsd -kill is executed.
    • SPR# JPAS837TW6 - Prior to this fix, tabbed chats were not minimized on incoming chats.
    • SPR# JSSI8754DC - Fixed a problem where a comma was not added when type-ahead resolved an internet address. After typing an internet address and pressing "enter", the address is auto filled, but there is no ",". This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP3.
    • SPR# JYAN84H6YT - Changed method for moving files during an upgrade to avoid file access issues on Windows 7 resulting in the error "RCP Base Plug-in not found."
    • SPR# KKNT85CP7J - Fixed an uncaught exception when logging into Sametime, which caused a "Phonegrid registration" error.
    • SPR# KSSH857PXS - Prior to this fix, a message sent from the Administrator in the Sametime admin page was not brought to the front for end-users. It was displayed behind the current opened window. This fix introduces a new client preference "pref_event_10_option_1" to configure it. Default value is false, but if set to true, the admin message will be brought to the front and always on-top. Administrator can pre-configure this preference in the plugin_customization.ini file:
    • SPR# LMAN7KPHNL - In some rare cases, Notes deleted an object in a MIME message without clearing the pointer to it. This causes a crash when repeatedly opening and closing MIME messages from the Internet. (Technote #1427652)
    • SPR# MAKA7XVGVC - This fix reduces server transactions when creating or deleting folders in a mail file.
    • SPR# MCKD84HESL - Changed uninstall logic to inlcude plugins along with features when a feature is being uninstalled. Later when the deferred actions (uninstall) are being processed, the features and the plugins are removed using standard file IO.
    • SPR# MCKD84REZT - Fixed a problem where Dynamic variable substitution would not work on properly on a component application.
    • SPR# MCOA7Z8FVG - Fixed a problem where an XPage application could not be opened in the Notes client when users upgrade Notes from 8.5 to 8.5.1 FPx or 8.5.2.
    • SPR# MDEN82SKFB - Error "java.lang.illegalstateexception" displayed when running a simple java agent which opens a URL connection on Mac 10.6 using security manager. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
    • SPR# MDEN82SL3C - Creating HTTP/HTTPS connections causes security exception in Security Manager on Mac 10.6.
    • SPR# MDEN82WK77 - Fixed a problem when using the same XPD Http URL connection object. This problem leads to a Protocol Exception with Java agents and plugins. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP1.
    • SPR# MDOY85BPEB - Fixed a problem where the Work Week Calendar continuously scrolled when the Time Zone was set to Amman.
    • SPR# MLAT86PJS4 - Fixed a crash which occurred on Linux after configuring the "new mail" pop-up notification and clicking on "Open Mailbox." The new mail notification dialog will only be displayed when it is referenced. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP3.
    • SPR# MMDT7CXU3S - Fixed a problem where the last chat time was not recorded in a clean contact list correctly.
    • SPR# MWXU7WBCPL - Prior to this fix, only 1 page of the chat transcript could be printed from the Chat history. This problem also happened when printing from the chat history window.
    • SPR# NFRS85FKPV - A global installhandler operation for updating the file was failing due to a provisioning error with detecting user permissions in a Windows Domain environment.
    • SPR# NXLE83PBKR - Prior to this fix, the file transfer function stopped working when overwriting a document opened by MS office.
    • SPR# PCHE86FPBG - Fix to COM & CORBA to utilize improved methods for View.GetDocumentByKey and View.GetAllDocumentsByKey to prevent a Notes client crash. This issue only occurs when performing a remote server call and only when using COM or Corba. This is not a common use case. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP3.
    • SPR# PLOS854LEH - Fixed a crash at startup due to an exception in xulrunner initialization.
    • SPR# QBJZ7TZDLK - Fixed a problem where users were unable to cancel a file transfer while in sender side file transfer.
    • SPR# QFHO84S4UV - Added a popup dialog noting an install error if an addon attempts to be installed without the target product first being present. Previously, the install failed without providing a sufficient reason to the user. Now it will fail and provide the popup dialog stating that the target product is not present.
    • SPR# QFHO85C5AX - Double byte characters are now supported in the install source directory.
    • SPR# RGAU7W5EB9 - Fixed intermittent crashes when clearing the WCT IM awarness cache, i.e. when logging out of IM or shutting down the Notes client.
    • SPR# RHOT85FQTS - Fixed a problem where a callee was unable to be added into a call after dragging one person to a N-Way video call.
    • SPR# SHHW7Z36F3 - Prior to this fix, uninstalling a Notes 8.5.x fix pack for Linux returned the warning message saying that a directory could not be removed, but the uninstall was successful. The reason for the warning message is during the installation of the fixpack a backup file is created in the directory referenced in the warning message. When the fixpack was uninstalled, the uninstaller did not delete the backup file that was created during the installation. The uninstaller attempted to cleanup the directory, but since it was not empty, the warning message was generated. With this fix, the backup file will not be created because the file never changed.
    • SPR# SLAE82STZA - Fixed a problem where Notes stole the focus when trying to use the Sametime screen capture tool.
    • SPR# SLAE83UDA3 - Fixed a Notes client crash which occurs after Notes has run for a long time. This crash did not generate an NSD, error message or crash log.
    • SPR# TONN862PWA - Prior to this fix, a comma was not added with type ahead when a local contact had multiple addresses. (Technote #1438224)
    • SPR# TPAE7YDJ9G - A new preferences flag has been provided to allow built in telephony ui additions to be removed from the sametime client. This feature is enabled by setting this flag and not based on policy. Go to preferences.ini in the plugin: <install folder>\shared\eclipse\plugins\ If you want to hide telephony UI set this flag to true, by default this flag value is false. Restart the client just to make sure the flag is applied correctly.
    • SPR# TPWR83KNQ9 - When a user clicks the main window of Sametime, the chat windows will lose focus. If a user clicks the chat transcript area in the chat window to bring it into focus, the chat transcript area will stay in deactive status. User will be unable to select text from the chat transcript area. After the fix, a user can select text from the chat transcript area if a user clicks it to bring the focus back.
    • SPR# VDHR8587VS - Fixed a memory leak in the embedded browser. Prior to this fix, memory will significantly increase if the browser window is opened by javascript and not decreased after closing the browser window.
    • SPR# VDHR85C93M - Fixed a problem where the Enter key was not working properly in the Embedded Browser.
    • SPR# VROI7K23VL - Provided the ability to specify paths that are specific to user profiles on Windows OS. Customers can pre-configure the plugin_customization.ini by specifying the path to user profiles as below:\\autochats\\savefile
    • SPR# YGAO7QQHPD - Modified Recent Contacts to compare first FullName field on server note with Recent Contact note. After deleting the Recent contact note, there is a difference once it has been recreated. With this fix, Rules based removal will be performed to eliminate duplicate entries already in Recent Contacts. (Technote #1415228)

Client Lotus Notes Designer
    • SPR# JGRN84PJJF - Previously, OLE applications exercising Notes/Domino front-end class objects could place the associated Notes client LotusScript instance into an undefined state, vulnerable to abnormal termination. This has now been addressed for Notes clients running on Windows platforms.

iNotes Web Access
    • SPR# DDUT832M9K - Socket read timeout after uploading a large file to a remote server through proxy. This fix adds a new Notes.ini variable to manage the read time of the socket. Specify the time in seconds for the new Notes.ini "iNotes_WA_ProxySocketReadTimeout."
    • SPR# DDUT832R22 - Prior to this fix, the proxy server mishandled cookies when sent to the browser. This problem resulted in path encoding problems.
    • SPR# HSAO837UDR - Fixed an HTTP crash with the error message "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range." The crash occurred when trying to delete a stacked based object.
    • SPR# KRAU857C4A - Renamed variable "F" to "FieldNameIndex" in the iNotes @function block because "F" can not be used on the AIX platform with the French locale.
    • SPR# MJBG7XX45Z - Fixed an HTTP crash while processing customized holidays, with long names, from Domino Web Access.
    • SPR# MJON7ZLLKN - Fixed a problem where attachment names would not appear as word wrapped and the scroll bar did not appear if active x was not used on IE.
    • SPR# MYAA7Z39DQ - Custom_IsUNID API in Custom_JS had a problem that it does not return true for lower cased unid string.
    • SPR# RBAI7TBAKH - Fixed a problem where restored mail in iNotes is not displaying in the Inbox but they are displaying in All Documents. The iNotes client has a feature that regular Notes does not. In an archive database, you can right click on an archived email and restore it to the original mail database. With databases version ODS48 or above, the feature did restore the email to the original mail database but did not insert it into the proper folder with a partial update. The view/folder would have to be rebuilt from scratch via a SHIFT-F9 or updall -R to get the folder to properly update. The partial update based on what was most recently modified would fail. (Technote #1430705)
    • SPR# SHEZ84BJPJ - When trying to attach files in a calendar entry, an invalid message "This document already contains a file with the same name" is shown even if a different file is selected.

Serveur Lotus Domino
    • SPR# AHOE7TPQKC - Fixed a problem running an agent that resulted in "PANIC: Out of PointerToHandle map space."
    • SPR# AHSU7REHXQ - Removed "Installation type" from Domino Server Install when using console mode.
    • SPR# AJMO855JFM - Large result sets not being added in the Namelookup cache in R8.5. This can cause some performance problems during user authentication. (Technote #1433721)
    • SPR# ANIA7Z3D9S - Error "Note Item not found" when opening attachments that have been converted from MIME to CD. Some attachments were not converted properly, particularly those which existed inline in Body items, but which the converter should convert to attachments; e.g., because the content type was one which the converter does not render inline.
    • SPR# ANIA83MAE6 - This fix prevents non-corrupt databases from being incorrectly marked corrupt under certain circumstances with the message "DbMarkCorrupt(ReallocDbObject: 0 RRV!)." (Technote #1428659)
    • SPR# ATCY7VSL63 - Fixed possible memory leak when freeing netblock. (Technote #1407257)
    • SPR# BSTS838NYV - DNS lookups no longer failover to the secondary DNS. With this fix, the "DNSServer=" Notes.ini variable will no longer be supported as we fully rely on the OS for DNS servers. For 8.5.1 FP4, if "DNSServer=" is enabled, the fix will be ignored. (Technote #1423917)
    • SPR# BYAU7WELLK - Fixed a potential memory leak on BLK_NIF_POOL which happens over the course of about 2 weeks. Restarting the server weekly will prevent the block from growing.
    • SPR# CCAL843PES - Fix for a Panic ("TLS_DataKey is not the same as the TLS key stored in the TLS struc"). This error occurred when running Sametime 8.5.
    • SPR# CCAL867QSS - Fixed a problem that would occur on the Domino iSeries Server where LotusScript agents running under the Domino HTTP task start receiving the error "Agent 'xxxx' error: Error in load DLL." The agents fail to run. This issue is limited to iSeries and will only occur after multiple agent runs. This was observed with Sametime Server running on Domino server.
    • SPR# DPAT845MA5 - A condition can occur when 2 operations are attempted at the same time causing a null handle error dialog opening mail. This "race condition" has been fixed and this error should no longer be seen.
    • SPR# DTEI7J6DTD - Fixed a Domino crash on NLSCCSTR.RuleBasedCollator::safeClone because of a Null pointer. (Technote #1407100)
    • SPR# FCDL7X492R - Fixed a jvm issue when converting lower case ascii to upper case ascii when language setting is set to turkish.
    • SPR# GTON7YJL4F - Server crash on the imap task.
    • SPR# HARL82XKQQ - LDAP search response time is slower in Release 8.5, compared to previous releases, when the LDAP filter contains objectclass=dominogroup. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1426493)
    • SPR# HKAI7RB9CF - This fix checks for a NULL command line path in the process image, so that NSD does not crash when dumping the process list.
    • SPR# HNAA7XR9ZK - AMgr task terminates abnormally while pulling a string value from richtext. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
    • SPR# HSPR8459JF - Fixed a server crash while running a program document with "server -c".
    • SPR# JBEN7WRHM7 - Added new/missing Microsoft mime types to httpd.cnf.
    • SPR# JPMS7X3RDX - This fix disables the collection of Windows application/system/security logs durring a nsd -info.
    • SPR# JPMS826PKT - Fixed a memory leak in BLK_LOCAL_BLOCK. Error "Maximum number of memory segments that Notes can support has been exceeded."
    • SPR# LMAN82ZS2Y - Fixed a problem where documents are not being removed from the INBOX properly when archiving. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP3.
    • SPR# MIAS86VP64 - This fix helps to avoid an access violation by checking for a NULL pointer before accessing. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP2.
    • SPR# MJBG7VHPFB - Fixed a Domino/Notes crash on CD to MIME conversion of a calendar entry with a large number of RepeatDates. Opening a response from the invitee would display the following error: "Field is too large (32K) or View's column and selection formulas are too large."
    • SPR# MKEN854MZ5 - Domino web engine gzip compressor can leak a memory page during gzip compression.
    • SPR# MKHS83ZLSK - This fix addresses a problem where moving a document to a different folder in an IMAP enabled database could corrupt that document.
    • SPR# MVEO7P7K6Y - Panic VARRAY element index is too large. Caused by an update to the database. The code that finds the bucket containing the varray is using the wrong value for the bucket on a database with an ODS level less than 21. This fix correctly finds the bucket if this is an older ODS level database.
    • SPR# NBRR7YBTQ2 - This fix addresses a crash that occurs when collecting platform statistics on the Linux platform.
    • SPR# NRBY7WZHLZ - When populated iCalendar attendee name lists come into a Domino server, they must be under 32K. However, its possible that they are expanded beyond that limit when some of the names are converted from SMTP to Notes addresses (if there are matches in the Domino directory). To combat this, we will prevent doing the NameLookups to convert the names in cases where there are a large number of attendees. By default this number is 200, although it can be configured via ini parameter (ie limit can be set to ten via IcalSMTP2NtsAddrCnvtLmt=10). (Technote #1408330)
    • SPR# OFFI7X3U3D - Fixed a memory leak when starting a transaction between the client and server via StartTransactionExtended. (Technote #1407257)
    • SPR# PPET7XMTSD - A new notes.ini, SSL_DISABLE_RENEGOTIATE, has been added to prevent SSL connections from renegotiating. The default is to allow renegotiations. Set SSL_DISABLE_RENEGOTIATE=1 to turn on this setting. (Technote #1430331)
    • SPR# QJSU7PKAV5 - Fix for intermittent panic due to an attempt to use an invalid semaphore.
    • SPR# SWAS7QBN8N - Fixed a problem when a 3rd party vendor backing up the .TXN files kept the file open while Domino tried to reuse it, resulting in Domino failing with a panic 0x203a2010.
    • SPR# SWAS85BJXX - Slow response at high number of reader threads to a single database. 2 API's (NSFDbGetNoteInfoByUNID and NSFDBGetMultNoteInfoByUNID) are at times getting a WriteLock on the database when not needed.
    • SPR# TPOK7VYVRK - Fixed a potential server hang caused by the Chronos task holding a semaphore.
    • SPR# TPON83FH62 - Fixed a problem in the Router where a failed message transfer to a destination host caused subsequent valid messages to be non delivered for the same reason. Typically this error is "SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error." (Technote #1424498)
    • SPR# VPRS7LTMZ8 - Fixed a Domino server crash when performing a remote call, via directory assistance, to an LDAP server. (Technote #1366703)
    • SPR# WSCN83SP44 - Log file full due to an error opening a database not found in dbdirman. When this condition occurs, we are unable to write in memory information to disk. To prevent data loss, this fix marks the database as corrupt to prevent further activity in the database until it is resolved.
    • SPR# YGOG7KWSB3 - Fixed an instance of high CPU usage caused by an endless loop under transient low memory conditions during end user replication. (Technote #1420392)

SSL gratuit sur Domino
21/04/2023Le saviez-vous ? Depuis Domino R9, il est possible d'installer le HTTS/SSL gratuitement sur Domino - et en plus il se renouvelle tout seul.
Spamsentinel v11
29/12/2020Sortie de la version 11 de Spamsentinel qui introduit la vérification des mails provenant de votre propre domaine au travers de l'enregistrement SPF
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17/04/2020HCL Notes®/Domino® 11.0.1
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